Boat Checks

Creating a check list

The graphic might scare you but rest assured it is only there to demonstrate that there are a lot of things to consider when building a check and service schedule for a boat. Properly done a check list will establish all of the factors that influence the way you are using your boat. When that is done timelines can be established to ensure that the right checks are done at the right time. There are few boats that are exactly the same but there are some very successful plans out there that can be quickly adapted to your vessel.

And you get reports

When we do your checks you may receive the reports we have agreed to when the check list is built

Boat Valet (Ship Husbandry)

Home after an extended fishing or holiday trip you are often faced with that huge cleanup of the vessel. Pamperine Services provide the ultimate in vessel valet with a stem to stern and bilge to flybridge spruce up. This task can be carried out as required or as part of your routine maintenance ensuring your vessel is kept at 100% all of the time. As part of a routine maintenance program the Pamperine valet is an excellent way of identifying other little tasks that often crop up. In the engine room a multitude of fittings exist and common failures are worn or broken hose clips often overlooked, potentially dangerous if a breakage occurs at the wrong time. Those broken hinges on galley doors are more of an inconvenience than a problem however the 1st mate will certainly appreciate things being kept ship shape.