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Where and When......

Pamperine Services will go to most of the yards in the greater Auckland area and further afield by arrangement. Work is carried out by appointment and those wishing to make an appointment need to take into consideration the need for plenty of notice to be given. I will do my very best to accommodate your 'best' date but if I can't do it it is for a good reason. Also, unless a boat is under cover there are many jobs that are subject to the weather being right on the day.

We can only dream...

You can buy a boat and without spending another cent it will always be polished with the antifoul in top nick. Your electrics and mechanicals will always be in top order and for a great day on the water you just have to turn the key and go. When you come back you can forget about it until next time you get the urge. The reality is to keep ahead of the gradual deteriration of your boat it needs regular care. Ultra violet rays, salt crystals and airborne contaminants, some natural like plant spores and seeds, others man made like grit and residues from industry, and car brake linings(trailer vessels) attack your boat. Then there is the rust that never sleeps. Left to its own devices your boat will deteriorate to become unattractive, lose value and may become unreliable and unsafe. These are not scare tactics. Wander around any marina or boat park and look at the boats people have forgotten to love. Not a pretty sight. Keeping the boat up to scratch is a most enjoyable part of boating, and for some a bolt hole to get away from the pressure of life. If you find it difficult to keep you boat up to scratch Pamperine Services offer customised services to keep your boat 'in tune' and ready to go when you need it.

Who is Pamperine?

Stephen Ford is PAMPERINE. He is from a family that has been associated with the marine industry for more than 80 years. Stephen himself has been in the boat maintenence industry for nearly 25 years.

He is a Maritime New Zealand and RNZ Coastguard Certified Master experienced on almost a daily basis on both the Auckland Harbour and Hauraki Gulf. Much of his boating life has been further afield up and down the coast.For many years he was responsible for keeping the vessels of Auckland Coastguard seaworthy and ready on call 24/7/365. The three high tech vessels each have a different Master and Crew each time they go out on patrol. The total number of crew involved is about 175 ranging in age from 18 to 65 years. To keep everything running is a real challenge. If you are keen to find out what this is like, let everybody on your marina take your boat out three or four days a week. In particular he was chosen to convert the Emirates Team New Zealand Protector ex Barcelona Americas Cup for duties as ASB Rescue with Auckland Coastguard. Following that he was the vessel Crew Chief responsible for the operation of the vessel on an ongoing basis. A useful dimension is to Stephen's boating is with his Coastguard crew out on the Hauraki Gulf ready day and night go to the aid of vessels in need of assistance. Stephen and his crew have to find them, identify the problem and repair it or take the boat back to safe haven. An incredible depth of experience you can rely on when it comes to Pamperine keeping your boat in top condition.

One Stop Shop

Our experience makes Pamperine Services the top choice for all marine maintenance requirements. We invite you to contact us about the wide range of services we offer.

Have a Maintenance Schedule

More and more boat owners are having Pamperine carry out regular maintenence checks with customised reports. Pamperine can also carry out repairs and upgrades, contact a service provider specialist or work with the service provider of your choice.

Boat Handling Skills

Bought a new boat and a little unsure of the rights and wrongs, having trouble in a stiff sou-wester getting your vessel into your marina or onto your mooring . Pamperine Services provide a solution for this. Put your boat where you like and we will come down during the week and “put her to bed” where she should be. We will refuel and check your vessel and she will be ready for your next outing. Steve Ford with over 45 years of marine experience can provide you with the skills to handle your vessel in close quarters, teach you how to get your vessel into your marina or mooring in any conditions. A Pamperine “New Skipper” training program will provide you with the skills to avoid that highly embarrassing situation often seen on Sunday afternoons at many marinas, yells of “look out” “watch that dinghy” are common with inexperienced new boaties. New vessel owners are catered for personally by Steve Ford with differing levels of instruction available.